About Anthracite Unite

Anthracite Unite is a collective of working class scholars, artists, and activists from Pennsylvania’s Anthracite Coal Region. We’re focused on mending divisions within the working class and reimagining what is possible.

We approach our work with a deep appreciation for our region’s history of working class struggle. In the past, profit-hungry coal barons ruthlessly exploited miners and pitted them against one another by stirring up ethnic tension. Coal is no longer king, but this pattern persists: Power remains in the hands of a few, we still suffer economically, and anti-immigrant sentiment has resurged.

Our forebears fought hard to have their basic needs met and we are committed to doing the same. With an approach that is unapologetically anti-racist and pro-worker, we’re lifting up those historical episodes where working class people came together and won; we’re collectively studying the powerful forces that keep so many of us down; we’re using the transcendent power of art to identify our common experiences; and we’re participating in collective action with the understanding that the process can be as important as the product.

In short, our larger goal is to empower members of our community and build unity despite our differences, rendering us capable of standing up to modern day barons.