Anthracite Unite Gets New Logo




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Here at Anthracite Unite, we’re excited to roll out a fresh look. Our new logo, in all its variations, captures the working-class persona of the organization. This is one of several big advances we plan to make this year, as we continue to educate, agitate, and, most importantly, build working class power in Pennsylvania’s Anthracite Coal Region.

The logo was designed by Mike Gabriel. Mike is an artist/graphic designer who has spent the last 20 years in San Francisco, earning a living primarily in advertising. He was raised in Hazleton, PA, where he delivered newspapers after school and spent just about all his extra money on comic books. When he was 11, he pitched a no-hitter–striking out 11 batters!–but somehow managed to give up one run. He frequents Jimmy’s Quick Lunch whenever he’s in the area, always ordering two dogs, cheese with everything. You can see more of his work here.


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