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Old King Coal Has Got No Soul

In memory of those we lost to the murderous King Coal.

Small Abundance

if asked to sacrifice, I share

New Book on Bootleg Mining

Interview with author Mitch Troutman on miners who seized an industry

How I escaped the Soviet Invasion in ’68

A zany story in which youthful idealism and autocracy collide

Everything is Green Now

Bitcoin mining at local power plants is not what we need.

‘Mother Jones in Heaven’ Coming to Tamaqua

Play about the legendary labor organizer, written by Si Kahn, to be performed Sept 18-19

We Love Our Schuylkill Nurses — So Should LVHN!

Without proper staffing, our entire community is vulnerable

Why Labor Songs Still Matter

Labor songs were instrumental in the fight for workers’ rights

Who Painted the Portrait of Reagan in Packerton?

Artist comes clean as critic of filthy policies

Warmth (Memories of a Coal and Ice Man)

I am thinking about warmth and what it means to us