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A House of Bigotry and Hate

Clarks Summit University dismissed Gary Campbell because he is gay

The Inescapable Inevitability of Loss

“The forces that render capital out of human sweat and toil have moved on” – interview with photographer Andrew Wertz (Part 2 of 2)


“There’s a record here of something distinct” – photographer Andrew Wertz on coal region architecture (Part 1 of 2)

Walking Away from the Church I Loved

“It wasn’t God I lost faith in, it was the leadership of the Catholic Church”

Wolf Digs Coal?

If corporations want a million dollars, tell them to play the lottery

Labor Violence and the Industrialization of Northeastern Pennsylvania, 1871-1902

“Labor wars ultimately stemmed from the internal contradictions of industrial capitalism.”

This Ain’t Trump Country; This is the Coal Region!

A working-class response to the Trump-Barletta rally in Wilkes-Barre