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Coal and its Discontents

“Coal is pervasive – it gets beneath your fingernails, creeps into your dreams”

On Suffocation

An Irish American’s plea for justice

Our Neighbors are Out of Work

A unique look at unemployment data paints a grisly picture

Fighting Racism in Schuylkill County

Survey and listening sessions reveal rampant discrimination

If Walls Could Talk

“Blake remembers where he’s from / but has forgotten from whom he came”

Word Search

Can you find all the anthracite words?

What We’re Rightfully Owed

New study shows how much wealth the rich have stolen

Famous Monsters of America

Artist’s project terrifyingly exposes corruption and malfeasance in America political system

The Death of a Meatpacker

Cargill would literally kill for more profits

“For the First Time, I Feel We Can Make Change”

Black business owner speaks in Scranton about fighting racism