Pandemic Diaries: A Call for Submissions

pandemic diaries

We’re announcing a special Call for Submissions – a little project we’re calling the “pandemic diaries.”

We want to hear about how working class people in our communities are handling life as this historical crisis unfolds. Potential authors are asked to write a short ‘diary entry’ in a format of their choice (e.g., essay, poetry, video, bullet points). What are you experiencing? What are you feeling? What are you struggling with? What’s the reason you’re struggling – whose actions are making this experience worse? What’s going on around you? How are you and your family / community responding?

The scope of each ‘diary entry’ is at the discretion of the author. Whether your entry describes a single event, such as a trip to the grocery store, or a full day (or some other length of time), is up to you. Format can also vary: from bullet lists to poetry to essay form. But across all cases, we’d like a thoughtful and genuine, non-fiction account of your experience.

Approx 800 words is a good benchmark regardless of format, but we can be flexible.

Most importantly, authors should write from a working class perspective. This means not blaming other members of our class for problems that are endemic to capitalism. It also means absolutely no racism (if you’re calling this the Chinese virus, you’re on the wrong site). It also means siding with poor and working class folks on issues of access to healthcare, the right to a safe work environment, paid sick leave, overtime compensation, etc. In short, think of it as an opportunity not only to tell your story, but also to provide commentary on an issue many working class people face. 

Please email all submissions to When submitting, indicate whether you’d like us to publish your name as the author, or if you’d like to remain anonymous – maybe to avoid retaliation from your boss. Please also include a short bio and a headshot (optional).


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