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New Book on Bootleg Mining

Interview with author Mitch Troutman on miners who seized an industry

Book Review: Remembering Lattimer

Review of Paul A. Shackel’s “Remembering Lattimer”

The Quiet, Brave Battle

Fighting Spanish flu inside Schuylkill County’s prison

Labor Violence and the Industrialization of Northeastern Pennsylvania, 1871-1902

“Labor wars ultimately stemmed from the internal contradictions of industrial capitalism”

Pennsylvania Dress Factory

NEPA’s overlooked textile industry, poeticized

Linking Histories of Resistance

How Pennsylvania anthracite miners shaped worker organizing in Colorado

Anthracite Music: An Interview with Jay Smar

Coal mining is dead, but its folk music is still kicking

Shenandoah’s ‘Hyphenated Catholics’

Coal Region Catholics have long had to straddle ethnic divides

Anthracite Heroes: “Big Mary”

Big Mary’s legacy reminds us of women’s heroic leadership in the mining era