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Hispanic Immigration in Hazleton

Interview with author Eddy Ulerio / Entrevista con el autor Eddy Ulerio

Taking on the Establishment

An interview with Marilyn Calderon, candidate for Hazleton Area School Board

Book Review: Remembering Lattimer

Review of Paul A. Shackel’s “Remembering Lattimer”

Lou Barletta: A Political Obituary

Louis J. Barletta, renowned demagogue, defeated at 62

Lou Barletta: Un Obituario Político

Louis J. Barletta, demagogo renombrado, derrotado a los 62

They’re at it Again

Eliminating DACA is yet another attempt to divide the working class.

When Assimilation Isn’t Enough

Tales of a “Good Immigrant” in Hazleton

Lou Barletta: Burdensome, Illegal, Alien

Barletta’s pro-corporate stance is alien to the Coal Region’s working class legacy

Waking Up in Hazleton

Washington D.C. woman with Coal Region roots reflects on her path toward racial justice activism

On Being an Intellectual Gadfly in Hazleton, Pennsylvania

Local professor aims to tell the truth, no matter the cost